Enrollment in one of the PhD Programs at Innsbruck Medical University is possible only after you have found a supervisor who can offer a position as a doctoral student in her or his lab. Before submitting your application for admission, please contact the coordinator of the PhD program you are interested in. 

When applying from abroad, the office of admissions will require an exact description of the previous course of study, its duration, as well as information about the faculty, university and country where the academic degree was obtained. Please note that a completed work of independent research (master’s thesis) or comparable experimental scientific experience is recommended. The Vice Rector for Teaching and Study Matters will assess the fulfillment of these requirements.

  • Successful completion of a first degree in human medicine or dentistry
  • Successful completion of a master’s program in natural sciences
  • Successful completion of an equivalent course of study at a recognized educational institution in Austria or abroad, which provides the conditions for participating in the PhD programs at Innsbruck Medical University. 

All documents and transcripts issued by the foreign university must be translated if they are not in German or English. Please consider our guidelines regarding the authentication and translation of documents.Deadlines:

  • Citizen from Austria and EU- citizen must submit their complete documents until 16.04 in the summer term and 16.11 in the winter term.
  • Non- EU and EWR citizen have to submit their complete documents until 05.02 in the summer term and 05.09 in the winter term. 

Authentication and translation of documents

  • Apostille: Documents / certificates issued in one of the member states of the Hague Authentication Convention must only be authenticated by apostille applied by the competent authority in that Country.
  • No authentication for countries with bilateral agreements
  • Double authentication (diplomatic authentication): In the case of all other countries, the authentication of documents must be performed in a strictly sequential order. The Austrian representative authority in the country where the original documents have been issued must always be the final authentication authority.

TRANSLATIONS  Documents issued in a language other than German or English require to be translated by a court certified translator. Please note that all authentication clauses must be translated and the translator’s signature must be authenticated by the competent authority (e.g. Foreign Ministry) (this does not apply to translations produced by a sworn translator in Austria). The translations must be attached inseparably to the authenticated documents.

Please submit the following documents to the Admission Office in person:

  • Transcript (hour’s proof)
  • Abstract of the Dissertation
  • Valid passport
  • Curriculum Vitae


For NON-EU students: Application for exemption from tuition fee for the winter term 2024/25


  • Timely Application
  • Positive opinion of the PhD supervisor regarding the progress of the PhD project.

Please use the form

Only applications that arrive, at the latest, by October 15th 2024 (for winter term 2024/25) can be taken into consideration.

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. univ. Wolfgang Prodinger, MME (Bern), Vice Rector for Teaching and Study Matters

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