Neuroscience PhD Program

The PhD Program in Neuroscience is designed as a course of study introducing students into basic, translational and clinical neuroscience. Research areas cover the entire range from molecular and cellular neuroscience over physiology, behavior and translational to clinical neuroscience. Students are exposed to recent theories about brain function and malfunction and up-to-date research strategies. They acquire the technical skills of planning, conducting and evaluating complex experiments and clinical studies. Participation in the program forms a cornerstone in the training of young researchers interested in pursuing a career in academic, clinical or biotechnological environments.

The PhD Program in Neuroscience has been associated with two excellence graduate schools funded by the Austrian Science fund: SPIN – Signal Processing in Neurons and CavX – Calcium channels in excitable cells.

The Neuroscience PhD Programm Innsbruck is a member of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS). 

Lectures and Courses

The program offers three partially overlapping teaching modules, all based on fundamental neuroscience training.

The minimum study duration for a PhD program at the Medical University of Innsbruck is 6 semesters, equivalent to 180 ECTS points. The program is a full-time degree course. The PhD candidate must provide verifiable evidence of his/her ability to work on a scientific problem independently and with scientific rigor. The PhD thesis is a detailed, written presentation of the PhD candidate’s work on their research project. The completed, positively assessed PhD thesis will be weighted with 160 ECTS points. During his/her training, the PhD student must attend curricular courses corresponding to a total of 20 ECTS points (workload of 500 hours). Of those,

8-10 ECTS are allocated to core subjects,
6 ECTS points are allocated to journal clubs/thematic seminars,
4-6 ECTS points are allocated to general subjects.

The final examination takes the form of a public defense of the PhD thesis in front of an examination board. The requirements for admission to the thesis defense are:

– successful passing of all required courses,
– successful completion of the thesis.

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some examples

  • Neuroinflammation
  • Neurogenomics
  • Comparative Neuroanatomy  
  • Embryonic and induced pluripotent Stem Cells  
  • Neural Stem Cells and neural differentiation  
  • Neural Development and Differentiation  
  • New Tools in Biochemical Research II  
  • Workshop Experimental Research Methods in Neurodegeneration   I & II
  • Psychobiology of Drug Addiction  
  • Course on Cellular Neuroscience Methods and Sensory Neurosciences
  • Neuropharmacology and models in Neuroscience I – cell based models  
  • Neuropharmacology and models in Neuroscience II – animal models  
  • CavX I: Ion channels in cellular functions  
  • CavX III: Key techniques in neuroscience: Imaging Synapses  
  • Clinical Neurosciences II – Neuropsychology  
  • Clinical Neurosciences III – Mental disorders: Diagnosis and neuronetworks/neurotransmitters  

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some examples

  • Functional Neurogenomics
  • Journal Club Neurodegeneration
  • Neuroanatomy/Otorhinolaryngology Journal Club
  • Pharmakologisches Seminar
  • Journal Club Physiologie
  • CavX Seminars

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some examples

  • Basic Statistics and Epidemiology for Non-Clinical PhD
  • Statistics Advanced for Non-Clinical PhD
  • Project application and management  
  • Ethics and misconduct in bio-medical science  
  • Basic education for the scientific use of laboratory animals  
  • Alternatives to animal experimentation  
  • Digital Imaging-II-Applications  
  • Stem cells & cloning – Ethics I
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine: state of the art and future challenges  

Neuroscience Students

Dias Cabaco Amaral Ines2024Rana El Rawas & Hofer Alex
Mutti Anna2024Schwarzer Christoph
Luna Choconta Jeiny Alejandra2024 Kress Michaela
Ghareh Hussein2023Zernig Gerald
Bergmeister Lisa2023Schwarzer Christoph
Edenhofer Marie-Luise2023Kress Michaela
Rahimi Sadegh2023Drexel Meinrad
Lerch Magdalena2023Reindl Markus
Ablinger Cornelia2023Obermair Gerald
Schmidbauer Dominik2023Glückert Rudolf
Vaccaro Guiseppe2023Bandtlow Christine
Seekircher Lisa2023Willeit Peter
El Ghaleb Yousra2022Flucher Bernhard
Bergmann Melanie Ursula2022Glückert Rudolf
Brück Dominik2022Bandtlow Christine
Widmann Melanie2022Schwarzer Christoph
Wahl Nico Robin2022Dechant Georg
Luque Calvo María2021Glückert Rudolf
Ucar Buket2021Humpel Christian
Prats Ramos Arnau Ramos2021Ferraguti Francesco
Comeras Diez Lucas Balbino2021Tasan Ramon
Zeidler Maximilian2021Kress Michaela
Pinheiro Ana Bárbara2021Zernig Gerald
Feurle Patrick2021Dechant Georg
Macedo Lemos Miguel Jorge2021Nadia Stefanova
Biermayr Marlene2021Vera Neubauer
Hörmer  Birgit2020Ramon Tasan
Tschiderer Lena2020Peter Willeit
Jamsuwan Sataporn2020Barbara Hausott
Wechselberger Karina2020Ursula Kiechl-Kohlendorfer
Härtner Lorenz2019Nadia Stefanova
Hutter-Schmid Bianca2019Christian Humpel
Kmiec Iwona2019Christoph Schwarzer
Foidl Bettina2019Christian Humpel
Mitric Miodrag2019Michaela Kress
Herrera Marcos2019Nadia Stefanova
Irschick Regine2019Lars Klimaschewski
Hofer Livia2019Markus Reindl
Fogli Barbara2019Lars Klimaschewski
Abentung Andreas2018Georg Dechant
Reddy Chetan2018Georg Dechant
Peschl Patrick2018Markus Reindl
Di Pauli Franziska 2018Thomas Berger
Kaindlstorfer Christine 2018Gregor Wenning
Paradiso Enrica 2018Francesco Ferraguti
Refolo Violetta2018Nadia Stefanova
Ferrazzo Sara2018Francesco Ferraguti
Park Jongwhi2018Lars Klimaschewski
Cera Isabella2018Georg Dechant
Mitterling Thomas2018Birgit Högl
Kniewallner Kathrin2017Christian Humpel
Venezia Serena2017Nadia Stefanova
Weth-Malsch Daniela 2017Michaela Kress
Johnson Chacko Lejo 2017Anneliese Schrott-Fischer
Mansouri Mahnaz 2016Francesco Ferraguti
Ndayisaba Jean-Pierre2016Gregor Wenning
Burtscher Johannes2016Christoph Schwarzer
Sturm Edith2016Nadia Stefanova
Tuller Friederike2016Markus Reindl
Böttinger Susanne2016Peter Lackner
Prast Janine 2015Alois Saria
Rizzi Sandra2015Hans-Günther Knaus
Kummer Kai2015Alois Saria
Dachil Nina 2015Christian Humpel
Ramberger Melanie2015Markus Reindl
Zangrandi Luca2015Christoph Schwarzer
Jagirdar Rohan 2015Günther Sperk
Neubauer Vera2015Georg Simbruner
Krismer Florian2015Gregor Wenning
Jaitner Clemens2015Georg Dechant
Kastenberger Iris2014Christoph Schwarzer
Hohsfield Lindsay2014Christian Humpel 
Malsch Philipp2014Michaela Kress
Bäumer Bastian2014Christine Bandtlow
Eigentler Andreas2014Sylvia Bösch
Marvaldi Letizia2014Lars Klimaschewski
Borrie Sarah Catherine 2014Christine Bandtlow
Hegen Harald 2014Florian Deisenhammer 
Kaya Levent 2013Christine Bandtlow
Quarta Serena 2013Michaela Kress
Defrancesco Michaela2013Josef Marksteiner
Auer Maria 2013Lars Klimaschewski
Griesmaier Elke2013Georg Simbruner
Kuzdas-Wood Daniela2013Gregor Wenning
Sah Anupam 2012Nicolas Singewald
Skreka Konstantinia 2012Alexander Hüttenhofer
Bavassano Carlo 2012Hans-Günther Knaus
Granbichler Claudia2012Eugen Trinka
Fellner Lisa2012Nadia Stefanova
Neto Sonya 2012Gregor Wenning
Wörter Verena2011Christine Bandtlow
Loy Bernhard2011Georg Dechant
Camilla Benetti 2011Michaela Kress
Contarini Igea2011Christine Bandtlow
Auffinger Simone 2011Josef Marksteiner
Dietmann Anelia2011Erich Schmutzhard
Schunk Eduard2011Christoph Schwarzer
Mader Simone2011Markus Reindl
Stemberger Sylvia2011Gregor Wenning
Fischer Marlene2011Erich Schmutzhard
Verma Dilip2011Günther Sperk
Mc Donald Claire 2011Markus Reindl
Millonig Alban2010Florian Deisenhammer
Falkenstetter Tina2010Thomas Benke
Kuchukhidze Giorgi2010Eugen Trinka
Ullrich Celine2010Christian Humpel
Gredler Viktoria2010Markus Reindl
Tasan Ramon2009Günther Sperk
Pallua Anton2009Markus Reindl
Köllensperger Martin2009Gregor Wenning
Bonatti Elisabeth2009Margarete Delazer
Zamarian Laura2009Margarete Delazer
Zotter Sibylle2009Josef Marksteiner
Sinz Hermann2008Margarete Delazer
Drexel Meinrad2008Günther Sperk
Wittmann Walter2007Christoph Schwarzer
Loaker Stephan2007Christoph Schwarzer

Neuroscience Faculty