Open Positions

A PhD position is available in the lab of Dr. Alexandra Lusser at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria. The laboratory studies gene regulatory mechanisms involving epigenetics and epitranscriptomics.

We are seeking highly motivated PhD students with interest in the following research areas:

  • Understanding the biological and mechanistic implications of RNA cytosine modification
  • Study of the functions of chromatin remodeler CHD1 in Drosophila health- and lifespan
  • Study the posttranscriptional regulation of centromere-specific histone variant Cenp-A.

The successful candidate will have a background in molecular and/or cellular biology. Expertise in bioinformatics (analysis of NGS data) is a plus. We seek a highly motivated scientist with a strong interest in RNA and/or chromatin biology and the ability to work independently as well as in a team. The group is part of the Special Research Program RNA-DECO (

The position is available immediately for 4 years.

The Medical University is located in Innsbruck in the heart of the alps. The city offers ample possibilities for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking or biking. Being home to two large universities, social life in the city is strongly shaped by students.

To apply: Please e-mail a CV, a letter of motivation and names and contact information for 2-3 references to: Dr. Alexandra Lusser, Email:

We offer 5 fully funded PhD positions in interconnected research projects (P1-P5)
and tandem supervision

“As a multidisciplinary team we are committed to comprehensively elucidate the oxidative damage-related pathology of membrane lipid abnormalities caused by long-chain fatty acid β-oxidation disorders or those associated with inflammatory bowel disease.”

Open Positions
Individual PhD projects:
PhD Project 1 [P1]: Advanced cell culture models for lipid metabolic diseases

PhD Project 2 [P2]: LC-MS/MS inverse problem data analysis approach

PhD Project 3 [P3]: Artificial neural network based imaging analysis

PhD Project 4 [P4]: Membrane lipid peroxidation in GPX4-deficiency

PhD Project 5 [P5]: Role of ether lipids and BH4 in ferroptosis