Image-Guided Diagnosis and Therapy (IGDT)

The PhD programme on Image Guided Diagnosis and Therapy (IGDT), established in 2006, is strongly embedded in a clinical environment and focusses on translational and interdisciplinary research. Digital imaging has a huge and increasing impact on clinical medicine and patient management. It is routinely used for diagnosis, biopsy-guidance, as well as in the planning and monitoring of therapies. Our research driven programme includes topics in multimodal imaging, Imaging probe development, fusion and segmentation, as well as navigation and guidance approaches.

The Medical University Innsbruck provides an excellent infrastructure including digital image operation, 3D navigation and robotics, imaging core facilities and preclinical laboratories. PhD-graduates will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the medical, mathematical, physical, pharmaceutical, and technical basis of diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapy. IGDT focusses on a strong cooperation between basic and clinical sciences, based on interdisciplinary teamwork, with a long-standing record of successful translational research projects.


The PhD-Program in Image Guided Diagnosis and Therapy is associated with the excellence doctoral programme funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF):

„Imaged Guided Diagnostics and Therapy – Academic Research Triangle” (IGDT- ART)
IGDT-ART is a joined program set up by the Medical University of Innsbruck, the University of Innsbruck and UMIT. It was established in October 2021 with the support of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) within the doc.funds Programme.
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Lectures and Courses

The minimum study duration is 6 semester. For the programme 180 ETCS points are required. These are composed of 20 ECTS for curricular corses and 160 ECTS for the thesis.

The 20 ECTS for curricular courses are composed of core subjects (8-10 ECTS), seminars (6 ECTS) and general subjects (4-6 ECTS).

IGDT Students

Sadeghi Maryam2023Göbel Georg
Galijasevic Malik2023Ruth Gizewski
Hörmann Anton2022Elisabeth von Guggenberg
Ivanovic Nikola2022Wolfgang Freysinger
Regodic Milovan2021Wolfgang Freysinger
Berger Manuel2021Wolfgang Freysinger
Pfister Joachim2021Clemens Decristoforo
Wallnöfer Evelyn Anna2020Paul Debbage
Özbek Yusuf2020Wolfgang Freysinger
Kaeopookum Piriya2019Clemens Decristoforo
Klingler Maximilian2019Elisabeth von Guggenberg
Summer Dominik2018Clemens Decristoforo
Perwög Martina2018Wolfgang Freysinger
Bardosi Zoltan Robin2018Wolfgang Freysinger
Abdelmoez Alshaimaa2017Paul Debagge
Zhai Chuangyan2016Clemens Decristoforo
Thurner Gudrun2014Paul Debagge
Rangger Christine2013Clemens Decristoforo
Knetsch Peter2012Clemens Decristoforo
Buchauer Konrad2012Alexander de Vries
Helbok Anna2011Clemens Decristoforo
Pesta Dominik2011Michael Schocke
Pichler Thomas2011Oswald Ennemoser
Özgür Güler2011Wolfgang Freysinger
Holotta Markus2011Werner Jaschke
Khan Saranjam2011Monika Ritsch-Marte
Rudolf Stoffner2010Reto Bale
Diakov Georgi Marinov2009Wolfgang Freysinger
Rupprich Marco2008Clemens Decristoforo
Jesacher Alexander2008Monika Ritsch-Marte
Fürhapter Severin2007Monika Ritsch-Marte

IGDT Faculty