MCBD Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

The “MCBD Best Paper Award” was given to 3 winners this year:

The MCBD Award is given annually to PhD students for an excellent publication in the field of: “Molecular and Cellular Biology of Diseases”.

This year we were fortunate to award 3 publications:

1st prize:

Emmanuel Heilmann, PhD from the Institute of Virology for his work:

SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro mutations selected in a VSV-based system confer resistance to nirmatrelvir, ensitrelvir, and GC376” Nat Commun 2022.

2nd prize ex aequo:

Daniel Nothdurfter, DI from the University Department of Pediatrics I for his work:

3D bioprinted, vascularized neuroblastoma tumor environment in fluidic chip devices for precision medicine drug testing” Biofabrication 2022.

Nico Wahl, PhD from the Joint Facility for Neuroscience for his work:

SATB2 organizes the 3D genome architecture of cognition in cortical neurons“, preprint in BioRxiv 2022.

The awards are funded by the FWF-doc funds Program Cellular Basis of Diseases (CBD) coordinated by Prof. David Teis.

The awards were presented by the coordinator of the PhD program “Cellular and Molecular Basis of Diseases” (MCBD) Prof. Patrizia Stoitzner together with Prof. David Teis.

Picture below: from left Nico Wahl, Daniel Nothdurfter, Emmanuel Heilmann, Patrizia Stoitzner, David Teis.